Don't Neglect Your Skin for Months on End

Our skin treatments will help smooth out your skin

Getting a skin treatment every now and then can help clear up your skin, reduce irritation and decrease dryness. The Edge Barbershop can help improve your skin using a variety of skincare techniques.

Our barbers provide:

  • Skincare treatments
  • Face masks
  • Hot towel treatments
We'll care for your face and cut your hair all during the same appointment. Our skin treatments are easy to add on and make a huge difference over time. Call The Edge Barbershop to book your appointment today.

We know how to care for men's skin

We know how to care for men's skin

You should enjoy getting a clean shave and a fresh cut. The Edge Barbershop offers many services that will help you achieve the look you want. From our styling services to our skin care treatments, you can trust us to help you keep looking your best. If you want to schedule an all-inclusive haircut and skin treatment appointment, call 208-504-7354 ASAP.