Treat Yourself to an Old-School Shave

We use straight razors to get a close shave here at The Edge Barbershop

Your skin can get irritated easily when you use dull, cheap razors every day. The Edge Barbershop can treat you to a fresh, clean shave using an old-school method. Our barbers only use straight razors at our shop.

We can cleanly shave your...

  • Neck
  • Beard
  • Head
You'll have smooth, bump-free skin once we're done.

Count on our barbers to give you a sharp trim and shave every time. Drop by our barbershop today to try a straight razor shave.

We offer luxurious hot towel shaves

We offer luxurious hot towel shaves

Have you ever had a professional hot towel shave? If not, you're missing out. We offer this technique because it lets our barbers get a closer shave. The warmth helps the straight razor trim your beard swiftly without irritation. If you want to experience a shave that'll give you incredibly smooth skin, call 208-504-7354 now.